Chicago Tango Club
Argentine, Inc.

(A non-profit organization)

Charlotte Vikstrom, Director
(773) 493 0666

Founded in 1989 

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Dear Members & Friends of Chicago Tango Club Argentine:

As of November 30, 2002, there will be no further dues required. Chicago Tango Club Argentine Inc, will be phasing out. CLUB 720 will continue to offer Argentine Tango on Tuesday Nights. See their web site at  Charlotte and members of of the advisory board thank you all for participation over the past 13 years. We feel our mission has been fulfilled.

Charlotte Vikstrom is not retiring---rather she will continue as Director of Academy V of Music and Dance.

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    Of Course, Dancers and audiences alike, in our major cities became enchanted with tango when the show "Tango Argentino" toured nationwide in 1986. In Chicago we were fortunate to have an excellent dancer, Miki Kawashima, who began to teach and perform this beautiful dance in 1989. She formed a club for her students, creating the nucleus called "Chicagotan" of the large enthusiastic group of today, "Chicago Tango Club Argentine". At first, every Sunday evening, we danced in the ballroom on the top floor of a restaurant "Mangia Italiana" in Chicago's colorful Old Town Area.

    Miki decided she would return to Buenos Aires. At a final luncheon meeting in 1991m Miki asked Pete Kelly, Charlotte Vikstrom, Herb Schulz and Susan Lukatch to take her material, to preserve the archives, and continue her Chicago Tango Club. They built on the mission statement she had formulated, Which read:

            "promote the art of Argentine Tango by offering classes
             opportunities for people to enjoy the music and dance
             of a more gracious era"

   We were determined to continue with regular dances and learn more. At first, The lovely theatre/dance area in Indian Boundary Park was our locale for parties, teas, lessons and dances. This was arranged by Susan Lukatch, through the Advisory Council of which she was President. Pete Kelly, a ballroom dancer and teacher was the first Director, Charlotte Vikstrom, President-Secretary and Herb Shulz, Treasurer.

   Miki's professional partner, Jorge Niedas, continued for a while with dances at an Argentine restaurant, El Nandu. However, his ballet commitments precluded a long term arrangement at the weekly dances there and this was discontinued.

   Meanwhile, Jim Sherry, an avid tango dancer and strong supporter of Miki's efforts, from the very beginning, offered the use of his studio Casa De Tangueros, for dance parties and workshops. He arranged for a bandoneon player, Alejandro
Scarpino to perform for many delightful weekly evenings. Two wonderful dancers, Jorge and Mona Bartolucci had moved to Chicago for a year to complete some advanced academic commitments. Originally from Buenos Aires, they now lived in Mexico City. They joined us at our near North dances (see next paragraph) and were an early eye opener for the art of Argentine Tango, holding classes at Jim's Casa De Tangueros.

    Activities such as performing for special Park District events, downtown "Under The Picasso", and in the Cultural Center for the Hedwig Dancers followed. In 1992, Charlotte arranged with the special events manager at Cairo Club, in the River North area at 720 N. Wells, to become a regular "attraction". At first we danced in the main level cocktail area the second ad fourth Tuesdays. By demand, this soon expanded to every Tuesday and moved to the larger top level skyline view. At present we are still at the same location, now CLUB 720,  every Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 12:00.

Later Developments & Personnel

    In1992, Pete Kelly, due to health problems, withdrew as director, and Charlotte Vikstrom became Director and President. Later, in 1994, we became incorporated as a non profit organization, adding the name "Argentine" to distinguish from studio tangos or competition Euro style.

    At a dinner meeting at Casa Logan Square, many participants in the club came forth to help. Thus a Board of Advisors was formed. Over the years, Board members have been: Charlotte Vikstrom, Tom Lueders, Fred Romero, Susan Lukatch, Norman Lasko, Bob Hall, Jim Sherry, Jim Cullen, Leo Seija, Ingtid Ferguson, Joe Pellizzeri, Jane Jackson,  Herb Shulz, Ed Buckbee and Margie Tinnerrella.  Ingrid, Leo, Herb, Joe and Jane left. The present volunteer list is essentially the same with the addition of Tom Barnard and Terry Schraub.

Local And National Media Attention

    From the beginning, we had the attention of the local Lerner papers, with articles and photographs. Of course, the Chicago Park District distributed our flyers and regionally publicized it. Later, the Chicago Tribune printed a long informative article, again with photographs. La Raza had a double spread with photos as well. All of this material has been saved by Charlotte. In 1995, the Christian Science Monitor gave extended national coverage. That same year, the Chicago Tribune carried a story with photos carried by the wire service.  Charlotte was interview along with Carlos Gavito  on cable TV in the Elmhurst area as well as on Channel 7 live news.

Guests Artists and Workshops

International Argentine Tango Dance Artists have visited, performed and conducted classes for Chicago Tango Club Argentine. Among them have appeared Danel & Maria, Michael & Luren, Miguel Zotto and cast of Tango X 2.
Other visitors have been Robert Duvall, Nito & Alba and Alberto & Valerie.

    Special events have evolved to annual celebrations, such as the Tango Ball in the Fairmont Hotel, "Brango" (brunch tango) at the Chicago Yacht Club and Tango Teatime at the Drake Hotel. Popular alternate venues have been the charm of the Chicago Tango Club. The first Sunday of every month is a dance co-sponsored by Chicago Dance Ballroom and our club.

    Our central location is ideal for visitors to Chicago from all over the world. Argentine Tango is truly Global in it's appeal.

                                           Charlotte Vikstrom Co-founder, President
                                            (773) 493 0666